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Sunset at Eisenhower

On the green of Eisenhower White's par-5 3rd.

Go ahead, use it as your desktop background.  I know you want to.


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I couldn’t help but notice the new tee markers on the White Course this season. And they’re not your familiar hot dog-shaped tree bark markers either.

Formerly, every course at Eisenhower had those oversized Christmas tree ornament bulbs. But it seems they’re now going with the Lego-style pieces to start their holes. That or they chopped down the fence post of every house in Nassau County and colored them red, white and blue.

Eisenhower decided to bring in the new Lego-style pieces.

Anytime I hear the words “tee” and “marker” I’m whisked back to my high school playing days. My brother and I were in a match against Long Beach High School at Lido GC (we played for Clarke). On the second hole, my brother called a penalty on his opponent for teeing his ball up well in front of the markers. We laughed as he made every effort to avert the penalty. But with his tee still pegged in the turf at least an obvious half-foot in front, he was hit with two shots.

Apparently those two shots meant more to him than us because three holes later, that same clown aced the par-3 135 yard fifth. After it went in he turned and stared down my brother like he just dunked on him. And he did.

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You already know that Herbert Warren Wind, the well-known sports writer for The New Yorker and Sports Illustrated, coined the most famous name for a trio of golf holes on Earth, past and present; Amen Corner.  Eleven, 12 and 13  at Augusta National need no further explanation.

Well Charlie Voelpel, my father and perfecter of the 190-yard ruler-straight drive, labeled a brilliant decent set of holes that lay adjacent to Salisbury Park Drive on the Westbury side of Eisenhower Park.  Yes, 4, 5 and 6 of the White Course, or Prison Corner as it was remarkably termed, is Nassau County’s version of the Georgia trio.

All that lacks are the flamingo-pink azaleas and skyscraper-tall pines.  But there are no set of holes I’ve played and respect more than these.  And they sit directly across the street from one of Long Islands largest correctional facilities.  Take a look:

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