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There are pros on Long Island, and then there’s Kirk Oguri.

All jazzed up in his electric blue pants, Oguri put on a show during the MET Open last August at Black.

My brother and I were there to see him stripe it around the first six holes and he didn’t disappoint (went out with a two-under 34).

But his highlight came on the ” Wedding Cake” hole or the par-5 fourth.  After hitting his approach over the green (the adrenaline of seeing us obviously too much for him), his ball came to a stop in the newly renovated (prior to the ’09 Open) collection area.  With little green to work with, he had to pitch it over a steep bank, make it check and release to the hole.  That’s when the magic happened.


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This photo was taken in August 2010 during the Met Open.  Few holes generate such a state of trepidation and awe as No. 15.  Just looking at this photo is making my pant leg wet.  And look at what the bastardly setup guy did;  he placed the pin all the way on the top-tier, right side of the green.

Everything about this hole is unfair, unhealthy and undisputed.  Or as Matt Ginella of Golf Digest told me via Twitter, “round-wrecker!”

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